Old Dominion’s Photography Club – Leisure Time Learning
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Old Dominion’s Photography Club – Leisure Time Learning

Leisure Time Learning continues to be a success at ODJCC.  In relaxed
settings after the school day, students enjoy getting to know faculty on a more
personal level while improving their math and reading skills.  The Leisure
Time Learning Clubs strategically provide this opportunity.  Our clubs do have
to adapt with the changing seasons and some have experienced periods of
down time.  Regardless, the continued learning experience is an ongoing and
positive one.

In January 2010, a Photography Club was created to fill some of the down time.  Reaction from students has been enthusiastic and the interest continues to grow.  It is no secret that Job Corps students, as a whole, are extremely talented and creative.  Even though this club is in its ―Beta Stage of development, photo contributions fromour students are worth examining.  Our young folks are finding beauty all around them that others may take for granted.

Goals for this club are to focus on proper photography techniques in-
cluding care of the camera and equipment, calculations of f/stops and shutter
speeds for existing lighting conditions, composition of subject matter, construc-
tive critiques of group work, cropping, editing, and producing that ―WOW‖ fac-
tor in what makes a great photo.  There is hope that some may even recognize
the opportunity of making money from their talents that can supplement their
future income.

Other staff members, who have valuable experience to share, have joined this group.  Some have had the experience of managing photo departments in previous jobs and bring a different outlook to our work.  The art department is assisting with framing and matting techniques.  With the help of all of these people we expect to be a serious competitor in the 2011 photo division of the Job Corps Art Competition.  We hope through learning and hard work to bring home the top prize!!

By: J Douglass, CDSS Counselor

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