Devonte, story about being off center during Covid.
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Devonte, story about being off center during Covid.

My name is Devonte, I want to share my Story about being off center during COVID–19.

When COVID sent you home for an extended spring break, what were you most nervous about? When I was sent home, I was nervous about falling victim of the streets again. I didn’t want to damage my life, progress or my future career. I really felt hopeless.

Once Job Corps launched its virtual learning platform, what were you most excited out?
When virtual learning was launched, I was excited that I would be able to finish from home. The problem was I was losing my focus, due to money being tight.

What kinds of challenges did you face as a result of COVID and being home?
My challenge, was being a care taker for my aunt. Then she passed away due to Covid. I need a job, but I didn’t have and ID or some of the need skills to get hired.

How did Job Corps staff help you face those challenges? ODJCC staff helped me, by giving sending me food in care packages. ODJCC staff send me inspiring videos, I had staff just call me to check on me. I was so grateful, I know everyone has a life of their own. I’m so thankful they took time out for me.

Do you have a favorite teacher, instructor or counselor? Teacher Mr. Westerhoff and Mr. Fister. Instructor Mr. B and Counselor Ms. Hubbard.

How did that favorite teacher, instructor or counselor help you?. Their personal involvement in my life is awesome. They gave me the encouragement to keep reaching for the Stars. They kept telling me I’m proud of you. This was very different for me.
What are you most hopeful about as 2021 begins? I want to earn my ASC certifications and finish strong.

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