Art Education at Old Dominion Job Corps Center
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Art Education at Old Dominion Job Corps Center

In August the Art Department was excited about taking their students to the Lynchburg Museum. Although it was a rainy day, the students that attended were very impressed about what they saw and what they learned while touring the museum.
Students saw a display of old 45rpm and 331/3 records, something that is a thing of the past and very rare today in music. Now students listen to CD’s, iPods and MP3 players instead of tapes and audio recorded on 45’s and 33 1/3 records.
The museum even offered a mannequin of Leland Melvin, Lynchburg’s first African American astronaut.  Students also had the opportunity to learn the history of Lynchburg and the Civil War, as well as view objects on display from the Civil War.
This museum trip was a very educational one that gave insight about how the city of Lynchburg was founded. It also gave insight about people who made a difference in Lynchburg history.
Our next art trip was to tour the Academy of Fine Arts, in downtown Lynchburg, VA. This time the students viewed various photographs from an artist who had entered their work from all over the Commonwealth of VA.  Students listened as Ted Bast, Exhibition Curator, explained to students what they would see as they toured the museum.

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