Northlands Students of the Week
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Northlands Students of the Week

Jeremiah Chaparro has spent the last eight months working full time under a contractor in southern Vermont.   He never imagined when he started at Job Corps over two years ago that his goal to become a welder would be sidetracked by a pandemic and he would be learning not one, but two trades!  While the wait to return to Job Corps has been difficult and slow for many, Jeremiah has been working hard alongside  his girlfriends father who has a contracting business.  So, in some ways, the absence from Northlands has worked in his favor because he gained valuable experience with what he did.  His boss recently told me that we sent him a boy who knew very little about the world of work and especially nothing about working in the construction industry.  He  is now sending us back a young man who could get a job in construction if he had to, knows his way around tools and most importantly has been on time, has listened to instruction, and has worked hard.  Jeremiah is currently on center quarantining in dorm 22 with a plan to finish his welding work, get his high school diploma, and TABE up in reading before he leaves.  He has already finished math and gotten his drivers license since he has been enrolled here.  We know that he now has experience in a trade he never thought he would be working in, which will be a positive for him in the future when he leaves us and starts looking for employment.  We are all proud of Jeremiah and wish him the very best as he works toward becoming a Job Corps Success Story!

Nasir Jacobs returned to Northlands in September with a strong commitment to completing his TAR and academic programs as soon as possible and moving on to Advanced Training.  Over the last two months his focus and productivity have not wavered and he is well past the halfway mark.  Nasir has kept a positive attitude while on Center during the pandemic.  He always takes time to check in and see how others are doing and is known for being polite and respectful.  Staff states that he is a joy to have around.

Zachary Boyle was a new student when the COVID 19 shut down happened and everyone got sent home.  In fact he was so new that he had just barely finished his welding shadow and was going to be starting in that trade.  As many of you know, working on a trade while you are on center can be hard, but imagine trying to do a trade and getting to know everyone, all from your phone!  That takes some  dedication to the trade and also some major motivation.  In the last few weeks, Zack has met his distance learning goals in the trade and he has worked hard to complete the welding assignments and tests each week.  When he is not working on his classes, Zack enjoys fishing, drawing, listening to music, and hanging out with his pets.  Zack loves animals of every kind and if you ever have a chance to talk to him about an animal, sit down and get comfortable, because Zack knows a lot and he enjoys sharing his knowledge!  We are all looking forward to when Zack returns to campus and can start  his hands on work in the welding shop as we will surely see some creative things happen from the booth.

Allison Zug has been a quiet fly on the wall since she got here.  This is not a bad thing at all. She is a self-starter and does what needs to be done.  Her pleasant behavior and her grasp of the Career Success Standards should be an example to everyone.  I often feel bad because she sometimes gets overlooked  being so quiet.

Hiding behind that quiet exterior is a motivated student who has steadily made progress through the TAR.  She has passed all of her National exams and has been a classroom leader.  She has repeatedly expressed interest in Emergency Medicine, and I believe that she would be an asset to that field.  Her calm exterior and her empathy would put the patient at ease.  Her desire to do things right the first time will ensure effective patient care.  There are many different paths to get into the Emergency Medical Field, and I am certain that she will find the most efficient pathway.  She has proven herself to be clinically skilled and is always willing to help others with their challenges.

Allison has recently been focused on finding a Trade-related position in her community and has been attending job interviews with various employers.  She works every day to find employers who are hiring, and has been submitting resumes and cover letters on a regular basis.  While she is essentially done with the CMA program, she still remains productive and attends online classes. Allison will hopefully return to the area soon to finish some minor clinical skills sign-offs, then move on to the real world.  I wish Allison the best of luck and I am confident that she will exceed the goals that she sets for herself.

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