Learning the Ropes about Wheels
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Learning the Ropes about Wheels


Jim Lash has been around cars his whole professional life. Currently the Special Finance Manager at Denecker Chevrolet in Vergennes, Vermont, Lash’s excitement about everything auto comes through during his twice-a-month meeting with graduating students at Northlands. During his two-hour class, Lash shares with students vital information on everything they need to know when they walk through the front doors of a car dealership.

“How much do you anticipate being able to spend on a monthly car payment?” he asked a recent group of seven graduates. When the consensus was about $300, he asked, “What kind of purchasing power will that give you? How much car will you be able to afford?”

The discussion covered financing, down payments and credit applications. “Consider the credit application and interview to be like a job interview,” he said. “The bank is looking to minimize risk. You have to establish that you are a good risk.”

Jim’s sense of humor and strong interest in the students kept the session lively and fun, and the students seemed to get a lot out of it.

“This will be real handy when I buy my first Rolls Royce!” one student said.

Thank you Jim for donating your time twice a week, every month for more than eight years. You’ve helped hundreds of students learn about one of the most important investments they will ever make.

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