New Hampshire Job Corps Students Impress Guests

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New Hampshire Job Corps Students Impress Guests

On Friday, February 3rd, New Hampshire Job Corps Center (NH Job Corps) held its first Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) luncheon of the year. We welcomed school and district representatives from around the state. Our topic of discussion was options for dual enrollment. Dual enrollment is when students are enrolled at their neighborhood school and Job Corps simultaneously. Students that are dually enrolled have the benefit of receiving support from both organizations. Anyone working toward a diploma will have the opportunity to earn a HS diploma from their sending school, alongside the training and certification that comes with NH Job Corps.

Attendees were blown away by the presentation and professionalism of both the hospitality and culinary students. Hospitality students, under the direction of Mr. Camelo, Hospitality and Lodging Trade Instructor, were congenial and confident, consulting their seating charts and directing guests to their tables. Each table was immaculately set up with folded napkins, place settings and custom menus for the day’s three courses— perfectly setting the stage for discussion on the benefits and opportunities NH Job Corps offers.

Culinary students, under the direction of Mr. Zingales, Culinary Trade Instructor, flexed their knife skills by carving apples into the shape of a swan to become the centerpiece of each table. When the culinary team started sending food out, the beautiful first course set a high bar for the resulting courses to meet. Then each serving met and exceeded the quality of the last. Attendees not only got the great taste of the food prepared by our own culinary students, but also a great taste for the experience and skills NH Job Corps students develop at the center. New agreements for dual enrollments, and students who benefit from collaborations, will have the Hospitality and Culinary students to thank as much as any staff in attendance for displaying the true potential of NH Job Corps. I’m sure many visitors will be back for the next AAC meeting just for a second helping of the food and service! Any fine dining restaurant would be proud to employ a hospitality and kitchen staff team of the caliber on display this day in the New Hampshire Job Corps Center White Birch Café.

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