A Visit From Officer Rob McDermott, Star of North Woods Law

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A Visit From Officer Rob McDermott, Star of North Woods Law

State of New Hampshire (NH) Conservation Officer Rob McDermott, star of Animal Planet’s “North Woods Law”, visited New Hampshire’s Job Corps Homeland Security Class. Officer McDermott outlined the requirements for becoming a Conservation Officer and shared a typical “day in the life” of a conservation officer; which turns out aren’t always so “typical”. McDermott frequently checks and enforces hunting and fishing licenses, ATV violations and registrations, makes sure residents have proper safety equipment, and even assists with many rescues of lost and injured hikers, and he recently certified as a rescue diver.
Officer McDermott presented on common hunting and fishing laws and common off road vehicles such and ATV’s and OHRV’s. His presentations included video clips from North Woods Law so the students could see what conservation officers actually do. Additionally, his presentation included rescue work that NH Fish and Game perform on land, water and ice.

Good news for the students, NH is actively trying to fill open positions to ad to the 30 + Conservation Officers around the State. Officer McDermott’s presentation ended with getting a call to meet his partner at Rye Harbor to help rescue some people in need. Thank you kindly to Officer McDermott for a wonderful presentation.
Stay tuned for more of Rob’s adventures on Animal Planet Channel’s North Woods Law.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet Channel, North Woods Law, 2022

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