Muhlenberg Job Corps Men In Black Banquet
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Muhlenberg Job Corps Men In Black Banquet

“What does it take to be a man?” was the question posed by Jesse Varner, to the male students at the Muhlenberg Job Corps.  Varner, a former Student Personnel manager at the Great Onyx Job Corps, spoke to the students during the Men in Black banquet.  The banquet is an annual affair that challenges the students to think about dressing for success and what it takes to be successful in today’s world.  Varner challenged the students to really think about how a real man thinks and acts.  Varner said, “Sometimes the things we think are cool and in vogue are not the things we need to be successful in life.”

Varner grew up in rural Kentucky and came from a family of ten children.  He joined the Army at the age of seventeen and has lived a successful life.  He retired as postmaster for Park City, Kentucky, has been elected six times to serve as a councilman for his hometown of Smiths Grove, Kentucky and in his spare time he is a substitute teacher in the Edmonson County School System.  He received his Associates and Bachelors Degrees after turning sixty years old.

Men in Black banquet is an annual activity for the male students at Muhlenberg.  In the spring a similar event is held for the ladies called The Ladies Tea.  Both events are centered around manners, dress and success that is needed in the ever changing work world.


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