Muhlenberg Job Corps’ Hosts District and School Leadership
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Muhlenberg Job Corps’ Hosts District and School Leadership

On November 6th, the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center held an informational meeting with district and school personnel from five counties in Kentucky to educate and inform them of the opportunities available within the Job Corps program for area youth. Seventeen visitors participated from five counties. Among them were, Muhlenberg, Ohio, McLean, Breckenridge, and Hancock counties, as well as three representatives from Audubon Area.

The audience was provided information about enrollment eligibility requirements, education and training programs, residential services, student benefits and job placement support. The visitors were given a tour of the academic and career technical training programs and facilities which impressed them. During the tour our guests had the opportunity to speak with students who were working in the classrooms and shops to get a first-hand account of what it means to be a Job Corps student.

Rob Wellman, McLean County High School guidance counselor, expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunities that he would be able to present to some of his students. “Before this meeting, I didn’t know much about the program. There are a variety of options available and it is free education! I am surprised to know that most of the students come from out of state when we have so many good candidates right here who aren’t even aware that it is an option. We want our students to know, and now they will”, said Wellman.

“The goal was to help the mentors in the school systems to understand that Job Corps is a transitional option for their graduating students, and should be presented to them along with other choices such as college or employment. I believe we achieved that”, said Jodi Ashby, Muhlenberg Job Corps business community liaison, who organized the event.

Peter LaFleur, MJCC center director made closing comments, emphasizing the success rate of Muhlenberg Job Corps graduates based on placement outcomes and average wage information. “It was clear from the audience response that they had discovered an incredible educational resource for local youth”, said LaFleur.

Edwina Sheffield, MJCC high school principal completed the application process for EILA credit for attendees who were eligible to receive it, making it a “win, win” for those who participated. The event is now on the list of events that MJCC will host annually.

Rob Wellman, guidance counselor at McLean County High School, and Jodi Ashby, MJCC business community liaison

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