Muhlenberg hosts Guest Speaker
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Muhlenberg hosts Guest Speaker

Students who hold top leadership positions at the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center received life principle and career advice from Camden Jones, Team Manager of Inter-Continental Hotel Group (IHG) in March. Inter-Continental Hotel Group (IHG) is a reservation call center for all the major hotel chains. Jones shared his personal growth and development experiences on how he eventually obtained his G.E.D. and with the continued support and encouragement of his mother and father, he continued on with college and obtained his degree. He shared with the students that there will always be personal and professional challenges in life, but it’s left up to them on how well they deal with them.

Jones also reminded the group to not get caught up in the now “entitlement generation.” The generation of today feels they should be given everything because someone else has the same. He informed them, they will never have anything in life unless they work daily for it. They must work daily to better themselves and to put forth their best personal skill. He encouraged them all to continuously aim higher, do something they love and be sure to cherish and appreciate a company with true values; and to stay humble because no matter their age, young or old, they will never know every thing.

Mr. Jones congratulated the students on how far they’ve come by entering Job Corps. This is the first step of many they will have to take to become the successful members of society they dream of becoming. The Muhlenberg Job Corps Center appreciates Mr. Jones making time in his busy travel schedule for the future leaders at MJCC.

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