MJCC Student Elizabeth Jones Accepted to Murray State University
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MJCC Student Elizabeth Jones Accepted to Murray State University

On November 20th, Muhlenberg Job Corps Student, Elizabeth Jones received a letter she had been anxiously anticipating. Her acceptance to Murray State University’s creative writing program.

Jones completed her pharmacy technician certification through the MJCC in August 2016, and enrolled in the ACT program through the partnership of MJCC and Madisonville Community College, where she completed her basic education requirements and received a certification in phlebotomy. While working on her final semester with MCC, she applied for Murray to pursue her dream of becoming a published author.

“I always wanted to be an author, I just didn’t know it would ever be possible to come this far. Most people have discouraged me saying that I should do something else first, but this is my dream”, said Jones.

Jones has already begun writing her first book, “Journey to The Water’s Edge”, and has been working on it since she was 16 years old.

“I have been inspired by so many authors”, said Jones, noting that her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. “I prefer science fiction, fantasy, and poetry.”

This is not the first success story for Jones. She has been the leading force behind the MJCC S.A.V.E./Y2Y Club, which earned the number one spot in the nation. She was invited to Washington D.C. to meet with the Job Corps National Director, Lanita Jacobs-Simmons due to the success of the club. Upon her return to the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center, she received a letter from Jacobs-Simmons that read, “You did a fantastic job addressing the group. The more audiences you can reach out to and get involved, the further your messages will spread. From the moment I met you, I knew you were a leader and an example for the students to follow. PS. You would make a great Job Corps National Director!”

On behalf of the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center staff and students, way to go Elizabeth!

Student Elizabeth Jones with her acceptance letter from Murray State University

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