MJCC Quarterly Community Relations Council Meeting
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MJCC Quarterly Community Relations Council Meeting

Greenville, Ky – Muhlenberg Job Corps held a quarterly community relations council (CRC) meeting on February 22nd hosting 22 community members and guest speakers, Steve Tressler, registered apprenticeship coordinator and Ervin Dimeny, commissioner, from the Kentucky labor cabinet.

All members of the CRC were presented with information about the labor cabinet’s initiative to be a leader among states in the area of apprenticeship programs. Tressler, challenged council members and visitors, “What we want you to do, is consider apprenticeships in your businesses. Take a chance on our youth. We can help you with that. If you don’t have a business, but you know someone that this may be an opportunity for, please send me their information.”

Muhlenberg Job Corps has been working with the labor cabinet to join the MJCC students with the apprenticeship programs to provide a skilled workforce for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and to provide viable employment options for MJCC graduates.

Following the guest speakers, MJCC staff updated community members on the latest challenges and accomplishments of the center, and thanked everyone for their partnership with the center. Members were also asked to provide community service opportunities for student’s growth and development.

In closing, Hartford Mayor, George Chinn presented an award to MJCC in recognition of the hard work that Muhlenberg Job Corps heavy equipment operator, and welding students, put in to helping the City of Hartford with multiple projects in their efforts to become a certified “trail town”.

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