Facing the Challenges, One Student’s Road to Success

Facing the Challenges, One Student’s Road to Success

Growing up with six sisters and three brothers on the south side of Louisville, KY, Jordan Hood faced many struggles and trials, including the tragic loss of his brother in 2017. That event alone sent Hood on a downward spiral of hopelessness and depression and at 16 years old, Hood decided to drop out of high school with no plans of returning. Hood later came to the realization that if his brother were still alive, he would encourage him to better his life and be happy. At 18 years old Hood applied to Job Corps, and soon after he was at Muhlenberg Job Corps in Greenville, Kentucky. Hood was excited for new beginnings, and in his words, “This is where my life will truly start.”

Hood forged many healthy relationships and thrived in student leadership positions during his time with MJCC. However, and more importantly, he remained focused on his academics and completing curriculum requirements for the welding program, he was well on his way. Yet, exactly one year later, the pandemic forced the difficult decision of sending our students home. Though many students opted to continue enrollment virtually, they were also faced with seeking employment. Hood managed to find odd jobs making $9-$11 an hour, while staying focused on program completion with Job Corps.

All of the hard work and perseverance paid off. Hood was awarded his High School Diploma from Muhlenberg County on September 20, 2020,followed by his Welding Certification on November 2, 2020. In February 2021, just three months after graduation, Hood received an offer for a welding position with Voestalpine Roll Forming. After only a few months in his new position, Voestalpine promoted Jordan to a supervisory role, and a raise in salary. Hood now earns $1,500/bi-weekly, with full benefits in a career he loves.

Hood quoted an unknown author that wrote, “Dreamers never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future. When asked what advice he would offer Job Corps students, present and future, Hood replied, “Job Corps is an amazing program, the staff helped me realize my passions and dreams, no matter what the circumstances were. And, it’s free!”

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