Molding Character into Community Service
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Molding Character into Community Service

A few months ago, before the national pandemic, a small group of students had an opportunity to enter a new pottery studio. Throw Clay L.A is a new business that settled in right next door to the center. With the help of the center’s Business & Community Liaison, the group of students had an opportunity to gain community service hours and learn how some new skills. John Prescott, the friendly owner, took time to teach them how to knead clay. As simple as it looks, kneading clay requires energy and some strength. But, what  many people don’t know, is how working with clay can be a stress reliever due to the physical activity and concentration it requires.

After 10-mins, the students were beginning to break a sweat! They also were able to learn how to use some tools used in the pottery studio and how much work can be put into a small business.  One of the best things that came out of this experience were the student’s appreciation for-engaging in a non-traditional type of volunteer work. The other great outcome was a new relationship the center has with a local business. A free class for a few students also resulted out of the new partnership, and that’s a valuable opportunity for any student.

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