Licensed Vocational Nurse Students on the Right Path
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Licensed Vocational Nurse Students on the Right Path

Sometimes students face challenges, but in some occasions, a department can too. Last year we had some changes in staff and our Health Occupations Trade was in dire need of a new Nursing Director. Instrumental staff are needed to ensure that our students receive what they need to be prepared for their new careers. Fortunately, we were able to get a new LVN instructor, Mr.John Bagon, and a new Nursing Director, Ms. Lauren Jones. Both of them have many credentials and the educational background with work experience to provide our students with what they need.

Something new our LVN students experienced recently was visiting Nurse Trials, where they were able to observe practitioners under oath, testify on malpractice. This was an eye opening experience that left a lasting impression on our students. It was also a reality check for any student that had not considered the accountability aspect of being a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the field.

Had it not been for our new medical instructor and Nursing Director, our students would’nt have had a new sense of optimism and greater outlook on their future careers. We’re happy our students had a positive new experience and that we have new outstanding medical staff.

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