Face of Job Corps: Teachers That Make A Difference
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Face of Job Corps: Teachers That Make A Difference

Ms. Mintlow is a Office Administration instructor that doesn’t limit her care for students to the trade or her classroom. She cares enough to seek out donations of dresses for students that didn’t have the type of wardrobe they really desired to wear to the center’s Valentine’s Dance. Since the dance was presented as a ball with a dinner and DJ, she even placed notice to an organization she is a member of to let the greater community know of our students’ needs. The gesture was small but with a mighty message that showed her generosity with her time and motivations to put extra effort into something she didn’t have to help with.
On the evening of the dance, she even volunteered as a chaperone to help after her normal workday. Students know she’s a outstanding teacher and can sense her genuine warmth and desire for them to succeed, its probably why they insisted she attend the event too, because they wanted her to enjoy the event with them.

Anyone knows that when you work for Job Corps you must have Strength, Courage, Discipline, Patients, and really care about the population to truly make a difference. Job Corps changes lives, but it’s the staff that impact the lives of many without any recognition all the time.

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