Student at Loring Job Corps recognized as “semi-finalist” in NJCA Oratory Contest.
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Student at Loring Job Corps recognized as “semi-finalist” in NJCA Oratory Contest.

Success Student Kenneth HiltonCongratulations to Kenneth Hilton our SGA President and CISCO student as a “semi-finalist” in the NJCA Oratory Contest!  Kenneth is a successful  and ambitious student attending Loring Job Corps Center his Job Corp career started in Miami, FL where he completed the computer technology vocation and then transferred to Loring on February 1, 2010. At Loring he has enrolled in the CISCO Academy training and will be completing this vocation by this December.  

Kenneth has  enrolled into  college at Northern Maine Community College an Advance Training opportunity partnership we have for our students. Kenneth will be going towards his associates degree in the Information Technology field which the spring semester begin in January 2011. Kenneth has been a tremendous role model not only as the President of SGA (Student Government Association) but also as an out spoken  SGA Ambassador to assist any students that may need encouragement or just simple questions answered  or another view of the opportunities that Job Corps can provide. Every Tuesday at the new student luncheon Kenneth is the student spokesperson for SGA and he delivers a speech that always has the attention of all our new students of his advancements he has sought and succeeded at his Job Corps training.

Off-Center Kenneth has taken on a position at Wal-Mart which he began as a cashier and within 90 days he has been in training with the Assistant Manager on merchandising and “site-to-store” website delivery applications from Internet orders. Kenneth Hilton is on his way to achieve all his endeavors of receiving advance training, attending college and already progressing in a position at Wal-Mart with his leisure time employment(LTE).

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