Senator Snowe Visits Loring Job Corps Center, Home Builders Institute Carpentry and Electrical students
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Senator Snowe Visits Loring Job Corps Center, Home Builders Institute Carpentry and Electrical students

April 5, 2012
With great pleasure, our Honorable Senator Olympia Snowe took a direct flight to the Loring Development Authority landing field to solely visit Loring Job Corps Center.  Accompanying Senator Snowe for her visit was her State Office Representative, Sharon Campbell and Loring Development Authority President and CEO, Carl Flora.
After the media interviewed Senator Snowe, the majority of her time was spent visiting students in the Home Builders Institute (HBI) Carpentry and Electrical vocations. All the students enjoyed introducing themselves individually; stating where they are from and different elements were spoken about their training and goals they sought. Student’s expressed high appreciation of the programs offered at Loring Job Corps Center along with instructor’s and staff’s devotion to them as students.
Senator Snowe also took time with the Center Director, Kristie Moir, Dennis Essom, CSD Executive Director of Loring and Penobscot Job Corps Centers, MSgt. Ryan Cote, MIS, Nicole Cote, Administrative Director and Pamela D. Buck, Business Community Liaison. MSgt. Ryan Cote spoke to the Senator of the Maine employer’s nomination for the Freedom Award and of the past presentation of the Hometown Heroes Salute granted To CSD Loring Job Corps Award. Senator Snowe indicated she was truly impressed of the level of customer service skills, work ethics and community service that was embraced along with the educational and vocational training offered to the Job Corps students.
After meeting every student Senator Snowe expressed to the entire class her gratitude for them taking on such endeavors. Along with mentioning the importance of employability skills of being on time, doing your job and being professional will take them far in the workforce.  Also stating, “Everyone including myself needs your skills, for personally I could not perform your job skills of carpentry or electrical wiring or even cooking for that matter!
Senator Snowe was instrumental to the creation of Loring Job Corps Center and has continued to be an outstanding supporter of our program for Disabled Youths Senator throughout her tenure as our state Senator of Maine.  Snowe’s visit was truly inspirational to all involved.

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