Loring and Penobscot Job Corps Visit Senators of Maine in Washington D.C.
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Loring and Penobscot Job Corps Visit Senators of Maine in Washington D.C.

Senator Olympia Snowe of MaineSenator Susan Collins of Maine BCL from Maine in D.C.

The National Job Corps Association (NJCA) Annual Policy Forum was held in Washington D.C attended by BCL/WBL Coordinator Pamela Buck and Penobscot BCL, Victoria Coffey the first week of February of 2011. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity during the policy forum to meet and discuss the successes of our Job Corps Program with our Senators Senator Susan Collins and Senator Olympia Snowe for the State of Maine. Maine is extremely fortunate to have both of our Governors recognize that young worker’s success in today’s labor market depends on three factors: their education, their job skills and their job readiness. With nearly 3 out of 5 American youth leave our schools unprepared for the workforce or higher education their knowledge that Job Corps is the nation’s most effective dropout prevention and career preparation program for these youths is priceless in the positions they represent. To strengthen and continue to prepare our students in careers in the nation’s most high demand occupations including health care, energy and security Job Corps stands alone in this development. Along with the Senators we met and spoke with their Legislature Assistance of Labor and Education. These appointments were crucial to instill the support and advocacy we need to continue our education programs provided by Job Corps nationwide.

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