World Fest 2010 “Viva The Rock!”

World Fest 2010 “Viva The Rock!”

The City of Little Rock’s Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission, in partnership with the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, presented World Fest 2010 – the premiere student-focused, cultural festival in Central Arkansas. Twenty Little Rock Job Corps BOT ,GED students and four staff volunteered for this great event. The students and staff provided assistance with helping to unload lunches from buses and storage of the lunches. With much enthusiasm the students helped with directions, passing out of lunches and directing traffic. After four hours of volunteering at this wonderful event, students enjoyed a tour of the President Clinton Library. A student stated, “I have had so much fun and learned a lot about different cultures while providing a service and helping others. I want to do this again.”

World Fest was established in the fall of 1995 to encourage friendship and reduce prejudice by coming together to learn about different cultures and ethnicities. One of the Commission’s goals through this annual event is to celebrate the global fabric of the City’s social diversity. This is accomplished through the enjoyment of a variety of local and international performers, cultural exhibits, traditional music, dance, food from around the world, art and literature. Recently, the festival received 1st place in the National League of Cities Cultural Diversity Award for 2006.
World Fest featured a main stage of continuous world entertainment throughout the festival. Artists included local and regional music, dance and performance acts representing the many cultures of Arkansas from Latin America to Africa.

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