Media: Jacksonville Job Corps Students Join In Day Of Service
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Media: Jacksonville Job Corps Students Join In Day Of Service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —  Saturday millions of people across the United States spent the day honoring a civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

Jacksonville was no exception.  Hands were working overtime as volunteers braved the cold morning temperatures for a day of service.

“I think service is a very big part of Martin Luther King’s message and something we aim to make easily accessible for the community,” said Jenny O’Donnell, Hands on Jacksonville.

Several people, including students from JobCorps, surrounded the Peaches In A Basket Adult Day Care Center in Jacksonville for a garden and beautification project.

“I try to get my kids involved too, teach them that if they do good things for people in the community, good things will eventually happen to them,” said gardener and volunteer Walt English.

The project is meant to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Junior by bringing people together to give back.

“Dr. King said that everybody can be great because everybody can serve and so it’s our responsibility to really get out and really serve our community and to love our neighbors,” said Jim Mackie, Chapter Director for HOPE Worldwide.

With partners including HOPE Worldwide, Hands on Jacksonville and the American Red Cross, the outside of the adult day care center was transformed in a matter of hours.
Center Executive Director Dolores Flemming is amazed at the progress.

She said, “Oh, it’s just wonderful to include them in our program.  It’s just a blessing.”

This is improvement on top of improvement. A garden was planted last year by volunteers.  Clients at the adult day care get to actually eat vegetables from it.  Now they have a second garden to take advantage of, thanks to volunteers.

“It’s a joy for me to look out and see the work that they’ve done and appreciate the work that they’ve done,” said Flemming.

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