Jacksonville Job Corps Spotlight on Excellence

Jacksonville Job Corps Spotlight on Excellence

Job Corps Success Story

Ms. Rivera Mew enrolled in the Jacksonville Job Corps Center on March 4, 2019. She remarks that “at 19 years old, I was doing everything to go in the wrong direction. I thought I knew everything about everything, but I figured out fairly quickly that I did not. I wanted to make a change in my life for myself and for my family, and Job Corps provided that opportunity. JC offered me free education and the ability to obtain many instrumental skills that would allow me to have a successful and prosperous career, as well as, in other aspects of my life. Ms. Mew had already attained her high school diploma and subsequently completed the Office Administration Career Technical Trade during her enrollment. Upon ordinary separation on March 9, 2020, Ms. Mew had already secured job training match employment. Her fortitude, ingenuity and acquired skills, permitted her to successfully and continuously maintain employment throughout the height of the unprecedented pandemic that viscously plagued our nation.

During her enrollment, Ms. Mew exhibited natural and acquired leadership skills, as well as, cultivated an impressive level of maturity, discipline and professionalism, that peers sought to emulate. She utilized those skills to benefit the Center, as she served in various capacities throughout her enrollment. On March 16, 2020, the Center’s Business Community Liaison complimented, “Student R. Mew exits the Jacksonville Job Corps Center as a proven leader. She served as the SGA President from July 2019 to March 2020. Her leadership assisted her in her ability to mulit-task, improve communication and interpersonal skills. Skills learned an organizational leader will assist in her occupational and personal goals.” She also served as a Quad Leader and an integral member of the Female Accomplishment Creating Excellence Enterprise (FACE), a mentoring initiative for all female staff and students designed to focus upon female empowerment, supportive sisterhood and the emotional quotient through activities, such as vision boarding.
In a recent interview, Ms. Mew recalls that Job Corps not only provided education and training, but, “it helped me manage my anger; it helped me manage learning how to continue to be professional, even when you want to be unprofessional sometimes and it definitely gave an attitude adjustment!” Ms. Mew also shares that the nurturing spirit of her Trade Instructor motivated and prepared her for life outside of Job Corps. She credits Job Corps enrollment for teaching her good lessons and establishing a solid professional standard that she carried with her into the workplace. Further, Ms. Mew states that “I’ve learned how to be professional in business settings, how to carry myself and interact with different people. I also know how to deal with any challenges that might arise. I learned how to be confident in what I know and apply my knowledge when it is needed.”
Ms. Rivera Mew is an exemplary example of why the Job Corps Program exists and has successfully sustained a more than 50 year history! The investment that Job Corps has made in her, has facilitated a substantial and undeniable return. In May 2022, Ms. Mew returned to the Jacksonville Job Corps Center in the capacity of the Center’s Scheduling Clerk for the Academic Department! Her experience as a Job Corps student makes her an effective model, mentor and monitor of the Career Success Standards (CSS), who identifies with the successes and struggles of our student population as few others can. She serves as a powerful, positive and dynamic force that students and staff alike are drawn to. The Center struggled to maintain consistent staffing with this position, however, Ms. Mew’s Office Administration trade skills are highly evident, as she quickly began mastering the responsibilities of the position and actively assists the Academic and Career Technical Trade Managers with day to day operation of the Vocational Training Building. Her infectious smile, personality, tenacity and ingenuity are definite assets to Job Corps Centers everywhere!
Ms. Mew’s ultimate goal is to obtain a Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling and Youth Development. She quotes, “when I heard about the position I have now, I thought that it was a perfect opportunity for me to reach my target audience, be a mentor and of great assistance in helping students reach their goals. Not only that, I love the facility, the staff, and I have a passion to help the youth. I would also like to be a Center Director one day!”
For new and existing students, Ms. Mew encourages, “ Focus! Understand that this is a temporary situation. Do not allow people to take away your opportunity. I’ve seen a lot of students get terminated because they allowed people to get under their skin. It’s a mindset and determination that you must have to be able to successfully graduate from the program. Cut the small stuff; get what you need and go!”

Ms. Mew, the Jacksonville Job Center thanks you for the opportunity to be a part of your family and witness your transformation from new student to graduate and now, Valued Employee!!We salute you because you are truly a SUCCESS STORY!

Joann Manning
Jacksonville Job Corps Center

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