Iroquois Job Corps Students Success Stories
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Iroquois Job Corps Students Success Stories

Two Iroquois Job Corps students, Adam Dunham and Markese Jackson, were featured in the Batavia Daily article “The Faces of Job Corps”.  Adam Dunham of Lockport, NY came to the Iroquois Center with his high school diploma and two semesters of college credit at the University of Buffalo.  Adam’s savings account had been depleted after paying for tuition and books, and his part time job was not providing enough to pay for another semester.  Adam enrolled in the Iroquois Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)  program and will be certified in the next three months.  Adam plans to work at a local hospital and re-enroll in college in order to put his education goals of becoming a physical therapist back on track.  Markese Jackson came to the Iroquois Job Corps center after spending over 2 years on the streets and in homeless shelters.  A former girlfriend who was currently enrolled at the Iroquois center suggested to Markese that it was time to change is life around before street violence and drugs took his life away from him.  According to Markese the Iroquois Job Corps program has given him the opportunity to turn his life around and to commit to a plan of securing a job as a painter and become a respected member of his community.

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