Forest Platzer Success Story
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Forest Platzer Success Story

Forest Platzer

Before Job Corps, I experienced my lowest point in life. As a physics student in university, years were dedicated to a distant goal that only seemed to recede further. My health deteriorated, finances crumbled, and I was confined to bed, weakened by chronic illness. Determined to break free from this feeling of helplessness, I made a solemn pledge to achieve something worthwhile.

During my recovery, fate led me to downtown Philadelphia, where I stumbled upon an advertisement for a public work program. Despite lacking qualifications, a glimmer of hope ignited within me. I realized there could be more opportunities like this. Just when it seemed my search was in vain, a call from a Job Corps case manager shattered my despair. Gratitude overwhelmed me as the door to a brighter future swung open.

As I progressed through the steps to enroll in Job Corps, I reminded myself that I had to make my time count. I affirmed my determination to excel in leadership and academia. Believing that the TABE assessment was a one-time chance, I devoted weeks to relentless study. When I secured a spot in the IT program, a mix of exhilaration and trepidation washed over me. With clear goals but unstructured time, I found myself caught between competing with classmates for certifications and battling my own emotional struggles.

Amidst this internal conflict, I realized I needed a stronger motivation than intangible concepts like success. I drew inspiration from my bedridden days, my family, and friends back home, and my girlfriend’s unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. Looking at the people around me, I resolved to seize this opportunity to live life to the fullest, side by side with them.

In pursuit of my goals, I discovered that Blue Ridge Community College offered a bootcamp-style program for certifications. I eagerly enrolled, earning the CompTIA Security+ and solidifying my expertise in the field. Additionally, I strived for excellence in leadership and was honored to receive awards for my contributions. Moreover, I had the privilege of representing Job Corps at conferences held by the Forest Service and the National Job Corps Association, expanding my knowledge and networking with professionals in the field.

In a golden period, I kept earning more achievements. The allure of reaching the new top status on the color card system captivated me, and I pursued it with unwavering determination. A visit by the IT department to the IRS showcased professionalism and the use of advanced tools, inspiring me to strive for the same level of expertise. Today, many students and even staff members possess my business cards. All the pieces of my time keep coming together.

Harpers Ferry Job Corps revealed itself as a transformative toolkit for individuals, empowering us to construct a brighter future. With unwavering support from the staff, I shattered the limits of what I once deemed impossible. This experience of rediscovering life has infused me with boundless optimism and earned me the respect of my peers.

Gratitude fills my heart for the countless blessings I have received, and I am eager to pay it forward. The next chapter of my journey begins with an exciting opportunity at NextPoint Group. I eagerly anticipate celebrating our collective success with my fellow classmates, embracing the extraordinary path that lies ahead.



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