Mackinaw Island Resort Hotel to Hire 10 Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center Students!
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Mackinaw Island Resort Hotel to Hire 10 Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center Students!

The Gerald R. Ford Job Center is excited to announce that the Grand Hotel, a Five Star Resort Hotel located on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan, plans to extend employment offers to 10 students. All of the students were interviewed on center and are excited for this exceptional opportunity.

Mackinac Island is a Northern Michigan tourist destination where guests can enjoy the slow pace where cars are not allowed and the horse and carriage and bicycle are the only modes of transportation. The Grand Hotel, located on the island, has all the charm of a third-generation, family-owned resort. The hotel, built in 1887, is a national historic landmark that’s been visited by U.S. presidents, world-renowned entertainers, and countless families for well over a century. At the Grand Hotel the guests enjoy exceptional dining, accommodations and amenities.

The Grand Hotel has agreed to hire 10 Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center students in the Facilities Maintenance, Carpentry and Security trades.  Facilities Maintenance and Carpentry students will perform basic grounds maintenance and building repairs while Security students will be serving as protection officers for the hotel.

The Mackinac Island businesses are only open from April to October and they hire people from all over the world. The employees of Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel are provided with housing and food and continue their employment at another hotel location at the end of the Mackinac season. This is an exciting opportunity for the students selected from Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center to gain excellent skills and travel to new locations.

Security student Patrick Furlong shares his positive feelings about this great opportunity, “I will go from zero to hero. My life at home has been really negative and sad. I think getting this job will make things better for me and my family.”

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