Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Student Success Story!
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Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Student Success Story!

Nagee Hakim, a 2009 graduate of Sexton High School, was homeless and living on the streets of Lansing for almost two years. He was struggling to survive, and with the sudden news of a baby on the way, he knew he needed to make a change in his life.

“I wanted to become a successful man,” states Hakim. “I wanted to become a man that my daughter would be proud of.”

Hakim made the decision to leave his hometown and enroll in the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center in Grand Rapids. This decision gave him the chance to learn what it takes to be successful, and eventually the opportunity to start a new career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Tendercare West in Lansing.

On October 11, 2011, Hakim enrolled at the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center. In just over a year, he completed his Health Occupations Trade, received CPR training, and passed his state test to become a CNA. In addition, he became a student leader and served as the Student Government Association (SGA) Secretary, as well as President and Vice President of his dorm wing. He also received the award for “Most Improved Student” in his Health Occupations Trade.

“When I enrolled at Job Corps my admissions counselor told me it was going to be tough, but that it would be worth it,” claims Hakim. “Job Corps has taught me how to be a great leader, communicator, and what it takes to be employable.”

Through all his hard work and determination, Hakim is graduating from the program with a full-time position at Tendercare West in Lansing, where he will have the opportunity to use the training and skills he has learned at Job Corps to become a leader in the community.

Hakim says he is excited to start his new life and can’t wait for all the new opportunities in the future. He plans to return to school to obtain his PhD and hopes to open his own business one day.

“I thank God everyday for the people at Job Corps that were put into my life. They have become like my family,” states Hakim. “They really took the time to help me become a better person and a father that my daughter can really be proud of.”

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