Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Graduates First IFPO Certified Student!
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Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Graduates First IFPO Certified Student!

After months of studying, hard work, and dedication, Heather Verus is the first Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center Security Trade student to successfully earn her International Federation of Protection Officers (IFPO) certification.  “I wanted to challenge myself,” Heather explains, “and prove my family wrong.”
After listening to her family say she would be a failure if she didn’t find something to do with her life, Heather took action and enrolled at Job Corps.  She believed it would provide her with the best opportunity to help her get her life on the right track.
On March 16th, 2010, Heather enrolled at the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center and quickly became a leader.  She spent three months serving as the Treasurer for the Student Government Association and was also a Room Captain in the dorms.  Joining the Security and Safety Career Technical Training Trade, Heather made it her personal goal to become the first certified IFPO student on-center.
On December 13th, and after two months of studying, Heather’s IFPO test scores were in – she had accomplished her goal.  In front of her fellow classmates and the entire student body, Heather was recognized for her achievement and presented with a bouquet of flowers.  Career Development Manager, Michelle Large, declared it “Heather Verus Day” in the Security Trade and encouraged other students to follow in Heather’s footsteps.
Heather has no intentions of stopping with this accomplishment.  Next month, she will complete her training at Job Corps and walk across the graduation stage.  She then plans to attend the Transportation Communications Union (TCU) Advanced Training program in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. 

“Job Corps has helped me to realize that I am not a failure” Heather states with a smile, “I do have a bright future ahead of me after all.”

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