Inspirational Gary Job Corps Graduate
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Inspirational Gary Job Corps Graduate

The Inspirational Dr. Gamble
In 1991 Dr. Mary Ann (Dickson) Gamble graduated from High School in Maryland, traveled to Oklahoma, and began contemplating her future plans.  Mary Ann found out about Job Corps and spoke with a Recruiter about the opportunities.  Gary Job Corps was the largest in the country, so she decided to make San Marcos, TX her new home.  She said “I needed to get real job skills other than being a waitress”, furthermore “Job Corps is a good place to learn and college was too expensive”.  Gary Job Corps afforded her that opportunity; she enrolled in 1992, and took up the Electrical Trade.  In addition to learning to be an Electrician, she joined the Explorer Scout Unit at Gary.   “We did many parades and many community service events; learning how to work as a team”, said Mary Ann.  Upon graduation Mary Ann worked as an electrician in Ohio for a year and a half.  She decided in 1994 to enlist in the United States Air Force (both her parents were retired from the US Air Force) where she became a linguist in Korean.  Dr. Gamble was in the Air Force from 1994 to 1997 and stationed in Monterrey, California and Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX.  In 1997 she attended Southern Illinois University; upon graduation she practiced family medicine in Uvalde, TX.   Dr. Gamble resides in Kyle with her husband, son and daughter.  Currently she is Doctor in Family Medicine with Austin Regional Clinic in Kyle since November 2011.  Job Corps works for employers, communities, taxpayers, and at-risk youth.

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