From Iowa to Texas
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From Iowa to Texas

From Iowa to Texas”

Kyle Patrol Officer Dago P. has had a journey to get to Texas.  Dago graduated form Fredericksburg High School in Fredericksburg, Iowa and with his parents and family came to Texas for a change of scenery.  In Iowa Dago felt that the career prospects were limited to the agricultural field and his heart was in law enforcement.  In Texas, Dago heard of the Gary Job Corps Center from an acquaintance of his mother (Digna), visiting the Center he toured the  Corrections and Security Program and found his vocation.  Officer P. came to Texas in 2004, started the Gary Job Corps and Graduated in August 2005 from the Security and Corrections Program, where he was a Captain in the Corrections and Security Academy.  He started his career with the Travis State Jail in Corrections when he sought and secured a position with the Hays County Corrections and then on to become a Deputy with Hays County.  Currently Dago is a Patrolman with the Kyle Police Department were he has been for over a year.  He has said of Gary Job Corps “ If you take advantage of the opportunities the Job Corps gives you the world will open up for you”.  Capt. Pedro Hernandez, Kyle Police, said of Officer Pates, “he is very dedicated to his job and when needed he has always answered the call.  He is a professional showing testament to his training”.  “Job Corps Works”

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