Faces of Job Corps: Monzel A.

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Faces of Job Corps: Monzel A.

Faces of Job Corps
Monzel Anderson

At 14 Monzel came to the United States from Port-au-Prince Haiti, his mother had recently married a soldier in the US Army.  They all moved to Ft. Hood in Killeen then later to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.  Monzel’s classroom started at the age of 14 went he arrived in the US, putting him in the 5th grade, a task for someone that only spoke Creloe (French-Haitian dialect).  Monzel was dedicated to learn the language of his adopted country, in 2007 he graduated from Lehman High School at his current home in Kyle Texas.
Knowing that he wanted to make something of his life, his mother found out about the Gary Job Corps Center from a friend at Church.  This was something that had to be investigated, a tour of the Center answered the question.  Monzel was on his way to make a future, picking the Human Services Trade, said Melodee Byrd, Human Services Instructor “ I could tell that he wanted to do good, all he needed was to focus on his communications, organizational, and social skills.  He started the Trade in March 2010 and has come a long way.”  Monzel is currently 21 and he plans to attend College to major in Social Work, to help those with a similar background to his.  He said “ Job Corps has great opportunities but you have to be serious about what you want, I have learned that I must get a college education to further my dream.”
Became a Citizen of the United States in 2004 and voted in his first election in 2010.
From the Streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Kyle, Texas.

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