Womens Day Celebration a Success at Flint Hills Job Corps

Womens Day Celebration a Success at Flint Hills Job Corps

Flint Hills Job Corps held its annual Women’s Day celebration on March 10, 2011. All female students interested in participating in the day’s events were shuttled to an off-site location where they participated in educational and recreational workshops throughout the day.

Dr. Tiffany Powell, U.S.D. #383 Diversity Coordinator, offered “The Face for the Place” workshop. During this workshop the women learned about the image they project as a result of the way they dress, talk, behave and interact with others. This workshop offered the students the opportunity to engage in discussion pertaining to the various roles women serve within the family, school, workplace, and community.

Upon completing “The Face for the Place” workshop, students were allowed to relax a bit with a more informal workshop titled “Dress-Up”. The ladies were given the opportunity to dress in formal wear, wedding attire and beachwear. Many students also took the opportunity to try out new hairstyles and make-up looks.

U.S.D. #383 facilitated a workshop that covered the importance of keeping a personal journal. Students were each given a journal and supplies with which to decorate them. During the decoration segment of the workshop the students learned about the benefits of keeping a journal. The benefits discussed included: decreased stress through writing, problem solving, increased writing proficiency and the preservation of memories in the written word.

Finally, the young women were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of “Health and Hygiene” workshops. Facilitators of these work shops covered topics such as: staying healthy with hand washing, the making of bath salts, and healthy snack creation. A Kansas State University group, SHAPE (Sexual Health and Peer Educators) facilitated discussions on sexually transmitted diseases, keeping yourself safe and making responsible decisions.

During the course of the day, each group learned detailed information about a significant woman in history. At the end of the day, each group presented their significant woman and the impact she made on the world to the entire group.

Although this day was fun and exciting for staff and students attending the off-Center event, month long activities took place on Center that included the entire student body and staff. Most notably was an essay contest for the students that asked them to write about the most influential woman in their lives. Winners of the essay contest were awarded prizes donated by a local jeweler.

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