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Danielle Baldwind describes herself as a strong, brave, fearless, confident, determined, loving mother and survivor.  Her own mother was unable to take cre of her and her brother because of her faced paced addiction and life style.  At one point they lost everything – there home and everything in it due to foreclosure.  Her mother had a lot of baggage in her life, so she hit the street fulltime to find herself; and Danielle and her brother were left to fend for themselves.

Due to an accident, at the age of 17 Danielle lost her part time job while in high school and was unable to maintain her apartment.  Her and her brother, whom she was granted custody of at the age of 15 were homeless again – seeking shelter at a shelter home.  While in the shelter home, Danielle received her high school diplma and was exposed to higher education.  However, her brother was far behind in his educcation and social skills that he needed a village to rebuild him.  Due to all that went on in their lives – homelessness, hurt, pain, and confusion – his education and self-esteem suffered.  Danielle took notice that every first boy in her family, four generations straight, went to prison before the age o 16 years old – she knew that if she didnt take action her baby borther would be next.  She heard about Job Corps on TV and knew if would be perfect for him, as she was a mother-to-be and couldn’t do as much for him as she did before.  She sent her brother to the Job Corps Center in Grand Rapids, MI where he earned his High School Diploma and trade completion in Business Technology.  He also gained confidence, independent living skills, high self-esteem, and most of all, hope. Danielle quotes “Job Corps made a man out of her little brother and gave rest to her soul knowing that the prison system didnt have him.  When the world over looked him, Job Corps looked him over.”  

A few years later, Danielle looked back on the things she accomplished and felt she needed a mroe direct path to her career.  She was a single mother and her faith was being tested due to all that she was going through in her personal life.  She eneded up having little to no productive support with her child.  She signed up for a place she knew was going to set her up for success the Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center; providing her with a trade, child care, compassion, stability, unlimited support and future employment.  Danille calls Job Corps the “land of milk and honey” because its good for her and her child will have a sweet ending.  Becuase of Job Corps both she and her bother had a opportunity not to be added to the negative statistics and stereo types that young people face today. After she graduates, she plans to return to Detroit, MI and enroll in Mary Grove College to pursue her career in Psychology.

 Danielle quotes “So – am I  my brothers keeper?  Yes, I am.    I’m absolutely equipped witht he career success standards.  I’m standing here with my hed held high on this devine journey. I’m thankful, moivated, inspired, and with a humble spirit I’m declaring I can and will be successful. 

Please view  Danielle Baldwin  speach “How has Job Corps Impacted Your Life?” on You-tube.

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