Earle C. Clements Graduate Working at Swift Transportation, Inc.

Earle C. Clements Graduate Working at Swift Transportation, Inc.

Jacoby Seawright graduated from the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Academy on July 1st, 2010.  While a student at the academy he completed the advanced Roadway program.  He was an active member of the pre-military program and was on the ECCJC Eagles basketball team.  After obtaining his CDL, Jacoby was offered employment with Swift Transportation Inc.  To this day he is still employed with the company and earns an average of $850.00 per week.  Jacoby returned to the center in his semi to see his instructors and provide encouragement to the current Roadway class, some of who knew him when he was a student.  Jacoby had the following to say, “I highly recommend the Roadway program to anyone that is interested.  I had great instructors and am very grateful for all they did for me.  For students that get frustrated in the program, don’t quit.  Stick with it!  I would not be earning the amount of money I earn if it wasn’t for Earle C.  I have travelled all over the United States and wouldn’t have been able to do so if I had given up.  You will get frustrated like I did when the instructors won’t send you to test, when you think you’re ready, but trust them.  They know when you’re ready to test.

Jacoby is getting married in a few months to graduate, Maria Trujillo.  They were going to Henderson to pick up a load from a local company.

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