Overcoming Challenges
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Overcoming Challenges

Holly A. was just thirteen when she left home, because of circumstances beyond her control. She went to live with her father, whom she didn’t know, and helped him through the last stages of terminal cancer. On her own again, she worked diligently for over a year to acquire her high school diploma, only to find that the high school diploma she received would not be accepted anywhere else. She fought bureaucracy to get assistance for a prosthetic leg, to overcome the challenge of having her left leg amputated at age two. She started college classes, but fell on hard times, and found herself homeless. That’s when Holly came to Curlew Job Corps.

 Holly chose Medical Office Support for her vocational training, studied for and passed her GED, enrolled in Curlew Job Corps’ State Certified high school diploma class and received her diploma and her driver’s license in April of 2010.

Because of Holly’s skills and maturity, she was chosen to serve as a volunteer receptionist for a nearby Ranger District for work-based learning. The Ranger there, was so impressed with her work ethic and her positive attitude that he gave her raving reviews. When asked what made Holly stand out at her job, the Ranger replied,“She [Holly] is helpful. She shows ingenuity and is innovative. She does not wait to be told what to do next when completing a task, but sees what needs done and does it.  She is a self starter, motivated and positive. She has initiative and is pleasant to be around.” And added, “She has a beautiful way of being humble, too, that won all of us over.”

 So, if you stop in to the Forest Supervisor’s Office, you will be warmly greeted by Holly, the new Information Receptionist, who applied and started work May 24, 2010. She is also enrolled in summer courses through the community college and from there, there is no limit as to what she may achieve in the future.

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