Job Corps + Army = Win/Win
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Job Corps + Army = Win/Win

The Curlew Job Corps not only prepares young men and women 16-24 for careers in such trades as carpentry, bricklaying, painting, laborers, welding, forestry, facility maintenance, and medical office support, but also prepares graduates to qualify to enlist in the different branches of our military.

Curlew Job Corps’ partnership with the U.S. Army is a win/win situation for all involved. If a Job Corps eligible youth comes to an Army recruiting station and does not have a GED, the recruiter will inform him/her about the benefits of going to Job Corps, receiving their GED, completing a vocational trade, and coming back in to the Army system.

A young person who has a GED, but has not completed the Job Corps program, is not eligible for Army bonuses and incentives, but as a Job Corps graduate with a GED, that same person is eligible and considered a “tier one” graduate, as though he/she had a high school diploma.

The ASVAB military entrance test is offered to students, on campus, about every other month. Teachers help students study to maximize their ASVAB score. According to Army Sergeant, Shannon Beatty, Colville Recruiting, “The students at Curlew Job Corps are smart and eager to serve their country. I have seen several close to perfect scores there. I always look forward to my visits to the campus.”

Recently, Wade Lott, from San Diego, California, completed the Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades program at Curlew Job Corps CCC, earned his GED, enlisted in the Army in May 2010, and on September 8, 2010 reported for duty at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Private Lott will train for 16 weeks for 11x Infantry combat.  After successfully completing basic training, he is stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas.

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