Christopher would recommend Columbia Basin Job Corps CCC to Everyone!
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Christopher would recommend Columbia Basin Job Corps CCC to Everyone!

The first time Christopher came to Job Corps, his stay didn’t last. “I blew out both ACLs in my left knee and had to go home for surgery. I was eighteen.” Three years later, he came back for a second round and this time, he was more focused on success.

“I have a four-year-old son now. I’ve got to support him. He’s autistic, so he’s going to need a lot of support, and I want to provide that. I want him to go to college — I want him to do better than his dad did.”

Christopher graduated this November from the plastering program. “And it’s about time!” he says. “I’m going to get a union job and stick with them as long as I can. When I first got here I looked at a bunch of trades, but I really liked plastering. I started hanging drywall, and  eventually picked up other applications.”

Christopher has learned to plaster and tape and texture inside and out. He graduates with eight certifications including his flagger, scaffolding, green awareness, disaster site worker and OSHA.

During his time at Job Corps, Christopher enjoyed four weeks working at the Stonewater Ranch run by Youth Dynamics in Leavenworth. “It was really quiet.  Beautiful. It felt good to be helping other people.” Christopher also worked on a local Habitat for Humanity house, hanging the drywall, and taping and texturing the interior.

“Job Corps has a lot of projects helping in the community. It’s an excellent program with both schooling and vocational trades. I really didn’t have a lot more going on for me besides a GED when I got here, but now I’m a changed person. I’ve done a complete 180, flipped my life around. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Everyone.”

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