TaShae Simpkins-How Job Corps Has Impacted My Life

TaShae Simpkins-How Job Corps Has Impacted My Life

Job Corps has impactrd my life in numerous ways.  I can’t say that I had a ton of problems in my life shortly before Job Corps except that I was spoiled, not in college, just not where I wanted to be in life.  I had two jobs in the past two years.  I worked at Wendy’s for five months and as a home healthcare assistant for another five months.  I quit the healthcare job for personal reasons and after that everything went downhill.  I had a few interviews afterwards, but they didn’t go through.  I started losing hope.  I was too picky to go back to fast food.  After eight months of unemployment, I got fed up and made up my mind that Job Corps was where  I was going.  I felt if I didn’t go soon, I would  never know how to live completely independent.  My dad was and always was there to pick up my slack plus some.

Being at Job Corps has really impounded in my brain that life is what you make it.  You have to work hard for what you really want.  At Collbran I have learned tolerance and patience.  Things I had seldom of before coming here.  It taught me independence, and I really started to grow being here.  I grew before my time, but it really made me grow differently being here.  Outside I was always somewhat shy to speak uo and take charge.  If you want things done you have to do them yourself.  If you want to be heard, you have to speak upo.  My leaderships that I have earned at Collbran also taught me to grow up. 

Being Vice President in my dorm, people look to me as a role model.  Being a leader and living here on center has taught me tolerance.  Never in my life did I think I’d be living with 30+ female, nor did I think I could.  With different people, they bring a different type of culture.  I eas used to how my dad and I did things.  Til this day I’m still learning, but Job Corps has brought structure and character to my being.

TaShae Simpkins

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