Know Your Farmer/Know Your Food
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Know Your Farmer/Know Your Food

Taking advantage of Collbran Job Corps’ rich farming/ranching location and students interest in the origin of the food they eat and the importance of keeping the environment safe, the center recently invited Collbran’s local butcher; veterinarian; a member of the Cattle Women’s Association; and three Plateau Valley High School students who are members of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) to the center for a half-day of enlightenment, under the guidance of Rebeccca Schowalter, Center Purchasing Agent, and Collbran resident.
Collbran Job Corps’ Top 40 Students heard about (the history of) the Cattle Women’s Association; a veterinarian’s practice of caring for large animals; and the hard work accomplished by young people in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program.
FFA students talked about the difference between raising beef cattle and a cow that produces milk; diseases that affect cattle; nutritional needs of cattle, including growing the grain; chemicals that are used which cattle ingest, and which can impact the beef that is produced for human consumption; and chemicals sprayed on fields which, following a rain shower, run into storm drains that are water supplies for crops. “The goal was to make students more aware of the processes and why we’re teaching the green environment at Collbran Job Corps,” said Heather Bennett, Supervisory Guidance Counselor, “A trip to McDonald’s has more meaning to our students now.”

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