Collbran Students Ambassadors at State-wide Event
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Collbran Students Ambassadors at State-wide Event

Collbran students served as Ambassadors at state-wide conference

   Think Big, Colorado’s biannual conference that brings together youth practitioners from around Colorado, along with state and local government staff, to discuss and learn about methodology and programs to serve youth effectively and help youth as they pursue educational aspirations and employment opportunities, invited Collbran Job Corps students to serve as Ambassadors at the 2014 conference.

   Kevin Cummings, Trisha Hicks, Jeremy Martinez, Tyberious Palider, April Petersen, and Kerry Stewart, along with Heather Bennett, Collbran Job Corps’ Supervisory Guidance Counselor, traveled to Vail, Colorado to attend the two-day meeting which provides networking opportunities for the workforce regions as well as state and local agencies, to work to breakdown “silo” thinking and collaborate and pool resources. New practices are introduced through nationally known and local speakers with expertise in providing youth services. The conference is also an opportunity to strengthen partnerships, as the workforce regions and different state agencies, e.g. the Department of Labor & Employment, the Department of Human Services-Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Education, etc. plan and attend the conference.
   Members of the State Youth Council served as the Planning Committee for this year’s conference and Collbran’s Business Community Liaison/Program Specialist, Caren Swales, coordinated the students’ roles with Bennett. As Ambassadors Collbran Job Corps students assembled over 200 registration bags; directed attendees to check-in; assisted at registration; introduced session speakers; distributed and collected evaluation forms; and were on call when and where needed.  As the only youth at the conference the students energy and enthusiasm were appreciated. In fact, when the Collbran Job Corps team was called to the stage at the conclusion of the conference they were given a standing ovation by the attendees.
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