Welcome Back Cleveland Job Corps Students

Welcome Back Cleveland Job Corps Students

The National Office of Job Corps identified the Cleveland Job Corps Center to resume on-campus operations effective January 12, 2021. Based on the information the center provided, it safely onboarded 22 students during the first cohort.

Center selections are based on the center’s plan and its implementation of CDC and OSHA guidance, representation of collaboration with state/local health departments, and Job Corps’ application of other factors such as CDC’s community threat-level cases, symptoms and hospital factors, critical staff vacancies, medical issues, and facilities concerns.
Per resumption plan and Job Corps guidance, the center will ensure the following:
• Students will be placed in 14-day quarantine,
• Students will be tested once they return to the center and retest at the end of the quarantine period.
• Centers will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and/or sanitized before each cohort arrives.
• Staff will be tested prior to students returning to campus.
• Staff with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test must not report to work.
• Students or their parents/guardians and staff must execute a testing consent and waiver of liability form prior to on-campus COVID-19 testing.
Ms. Williams Center Director stated, “I cannot describe the feeling of finally being able to bring our students back to the center. Without our students, we are not whole. We have prepared for our reopening for months, with so much anticipation of that first student coming back to the center. While the students had to follow all the safety protocols put in place, they were welcomed back with balloons, snack bags, and raffle prizes. Twenty-two students returned after nine long months of being away. As we continue moving forward, never forget that the students are the reason we exist. The Cleveland Job Corp Center is back!!!”

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