Drug Mart…offering CJCC students “opportunities to work together”

Drug Mart…offering CJCC students “opportunities to work together”

“To “Attract & Retain Talent” is what we are focused on” says Jason Briscoe, PharmD, RPh, director, Pharmacy Operations for Discount Drug Mart from Medina, Ohio visiting our Center today,  12-09-22.  Encouraging our Pharmacy Technology Trade students during their visit on Center, as part of their strategy to offer “opportunities to work together”  to our students in training.  “It’s a great time now to be a Pharmacy Technician”.  he states.   “You are in the right trade”. he says, reassuring students.    As one particular student in the classroom,  asked if “Drug Mart offered any assistance for higher education” .  Briscoe responded that Drug Mart does invest in training to ensure employee’s seek to obtain to be Registered Pharmacy Technicians (RPT) versus  just Certified.  And further explained that “their pay increases” when they successfully pass the RPT exam. However, Drug Mart at this time does not pay for any “degreed” higher education. Albeit, they do encourage it.  The expectation is that when you are hired, per Briscoe, it is with hopes,  that you do intend to become a Registered Pharmacy Technician eventually, if not sooner.   Briscoe continues to explain that there are many opportunities to start working at Drug Mart,  that will garner you experience, such as, yet not limited to for example as a  “stock person”, Pharmacy Support” person.  And or  a aspiring Registered Pharmacy Technician in Training.

Presentation was brief and to the point with encouragement and he did welcome an opportunity for our CJCC students to come out and visit on a field trip real soon.

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