Cleveland Job Corps finds “missing Link”

Cleveland Job Corps Center (CJCC)  finds “missing Link” while seeking  employer and or community partnerships in our community.

“Post Graduate Transitional Housing” with “wrap around”  resource services was identified as the “missing link” at CJCC.  Surrounded by a Village.  Because it “takes a Village…”

Fast backwards 5 years ago, pre COVID when, then a Residential Counselor , RC Wally Espada,  was in counsel with students completing our programs. In discovery,  quickly realizes,  that a piece of our puzzle for SUCCESS was missing here at CJCC.   A vital piece to make it whole.  Immediately realizing that the low income “housing waiting lists” were miles long.  And, with preference being given to families with children, this put our graduates at a disadvantage when filing for low income housing assistance. Challenge identified, RC Espada endeavored to tackle this challenge with a vengeance.

Fast forward.  COVID stopped  not only CJCC and Espada but,  the world from progressing.    We were all in survival mode.  Developing our “new normal”.  And so,  Espadas endeavor and vision for transitional housing,  was put on hold.  Yet not forgotten.

Fast forward.  Post COVID.  Back in May of 2022, and now  as the Business Community Liaison at CJCC, (BCL)  position, Espada, revisited her vision for Transitional housing.  As our  returning and new students started arriving back on Center  and completing our programs, the need arises, with  expedited urgency.  Espada, continues reaching out to our community,  with hopes to seek support within our surrounding communities, exploring options for housing, the need for “Post Graduate Transitional Housing”,  resurfaces, and Espada  seeks to explore all options again.  Presenting this vision to our CEO, Mr. Ramon Serrato at Serrato Corporation.  However, with the continuance of COVID, lurking it’s ugly self, uncertainties continue as CJCC struggles to stay upon the surface, onboarding students, regardless,  in small groups as a preventative measure to ensure everyone’s health and safety on Center.  Months go by,  then, like by magic, finally  in December, a  MIRACLE  happened.  Ending the year with a “bang” for Espada and her vision for CJCC post graduate students and Alumni.  This miracle, is in progress now. Full force.  Being manifested into a reality. You see… Danielle Dronet, Vice Chair of the East Cleveland Business Revival group  (ESBR)  in Cleveland, was given Espadas name as a “visionary”, in a community meeting.   Connection occurred between Espada and Dronet.  Introductions were made.  Conversations entailed followed by meetings, and  just like that,  in a ” blink of an eye ” this happened…

“Post Graduate Transitional Housing” within the redevelopment of East Cleveland, was identified as an integral part of this divine development,  after hearing Espadas “visionary pitch” regarding  our  CJCC’s “missing link’,  and our vision to resolve with a viable solution in finding the “missing link”.  So, you see…via exploring the developing of a partnership, for “work based learning” “apprenticeship”  and employment opportunities; and so much more…We found and were offered our “missing link”. See Artist rendition of development in process below.

Take a look at what happens when visionaries talk…!  Miracles happen.  Stay tuned for much more….

The Village concept with apts. on 2nd floor

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