Cleveland Job Corps Center is a beacon Of HOPE.

Cleveland Job Corps Center is a beacon Of HOPE.

Cleveland Job Corps Center is a beacon Of HOPE. It’s programs, certainly hold great promises of HOPE for all young adults who accept the blessings of FREE Education & Training offered here on these SACRED LEARNING GROUNDS. Where HOPE 4 a better future tomorrow, abounds today. Where strength becomes second nature as our students learn to learn. As they teach staff to learn from them. As we all learn together from each other, and grow stronger then the day before. This day, yesterday, May 11th, all this featured on this REEL was witnessed and captured to reveal to others and to me that indeed Job Corps is the foundation of HOPE upon which, if we build our self upon it’s teachings, “the rain of life’s sorrows, challenges and burdens will still come down on us , yes, the streams of troubles will still rise upon and against us, yes, and the winds of disasters and unexpected tragedies will still beat against us; yet, please rest assured, we will not fall, because we will have our selves well anchored upon the foundation of the rock. And will find ourselves stronger than before we crossed these gates; onto SACRED Teaching Grounds. And all it takes is to be TEACHABLE! Make a Choice. to Choose to Change our pathway. Accept the discipline it requires to make the necessary Changes and Commit to making the Choice to give it a Chance. Yes. To make us STRONGER THAN BEFORE! 🎶🎵🎼🎤at Cleveland Job Corps Center

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