Big George Foreman- The Movie

Big George Foreman- The Movie

Big George Forman- The Movie.

We loved the movie. It was very impressive. And we are proud to hear that Job Corps had so much to do with George Foreman’s foundational changes and success.  Cleveland Job Corps Center students, staff, and community Job Corps supporters, went to the screening of the Movie premier, BIG George Foreman, on April 20th, 2023. It is an amazing movie with an amazing testimony of faith, redemption and paying it forward. Knowing that George Foreman’s rock foundation , upon which he built his life changing moments, that got him on the right path, was Job Corps.   And we are all so very proud and happy to know that our programs work. One student at a time. His true story is an inspiration and life changing testament to our students all around the nation and Puerto Rico. Where our Job Corps Centers strive to create pathways towards redemption and success for our students, that take advantage of career choices offered.  FREE Education and Training in a residential setting. Safe and secure. With programs designed to embrace, educate, equip and empower our students to SUCCEED. This certainly was the “take a way” we had. Further aligning us to our mission and vision. I think this movie will definitely boost our goals for enrollment. And should be considered for having as a “must see” for all. As a part of recruitment for new students. Our students, staff and community supporters, rejoiced and cried at the testimony of a life redeemed. Knowing that Job Corps gave George Foreman an opportunity to get life right. Using his fighting abilities in a powerful and positive way. Rather than going down a “pathway of destruction”. And pay it forward as he did and continues to do, is admirable. This movie was indeed amazing. As he stands on the “solid rock” foundation built upon, at Job Corps. And we thank him for sharing his story in such an impactful way. Students identified with his struggles. This movie inspires HOPE for a Better Future, for them,  today. 😊

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