How Job Corps has changed my life. (2nd Place Entry)
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How Job Corps has changed my life. (2nd Place Entry)

By: Freddie Hotz

The big question everyone keeps asking is, “What has Job Corps done for me?” Honestly, the question that everyone should be asking is what does Job Corps not do for me? I mean seriously, Job Corps feeds us, gives us money for clothes, teaches us a trade, gives us the opportunity to go to college and further our education, and they also do so much more for us. I came to Job Corps a man who did not have any direction in life and really did not care what happened. Now I am graduating with a certification that means something to me that I cannot explain with words. I now have a life long skill that will keep me busy and happy.

Job Corps has ultimately allowed me to become a better father because now I have a career that I can use to support my daughter and family. Job Corps has taught me patience, integrity, and character that I know will help me throughout life’s journeys.

About two months ago, I was on the verge of being terminated and throwing it all away; however, I was granted a second chance that I took and have never looked back. Job Corps means a new beginning to me and it saved me from all the corruption back at home. I cannot wait to find a job and use the skills and experiences that I have learned. I know that I would not be in the position I am in now with out the help I have received from Job Corps. I would like to thank Job Corps and any member of the staff who has helped me along the way and taught me hard work pays off.

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