Faces of Job Corps: Marlina B.
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Faces of Job Corps: Marlina B.

Marlina B. came to Clearfield Job Corps in September of 2009 from Los Angeles, California.
After hearing about Job Corps in High School, Marlina decided to apply for admission after researching the available training opportunities.
Setting goals and joining several student organizations shortly after arriving at Clearfield Job Corps, Marlina has held positions as Ambassador, served on the student safety committee, Student Leadership Recorder and now as Student Leadership CEO.
Marlina credits the Job Corps program with helping her learn patience, humility, tolerance and motivation. She gives kudos to her instructors in the Brick and Tile Setting trade for working with her and teaching her a new skill set she never thought possible.
“The education and experience you gain while at Job Corps is something no one can ever take away from you! It’s a great opportunity for students if they are only brave enough to open the door when it knocks,” states Marlina.

Marlina plans on continuing her education after graduation from the Job Corps program. Fields that interest her include Real Estate, Investment, community support projects for the homeless and at-risk youth.
Marlina hopes to help in any way she can in the community to give back at least some of what she feels was given to her by the staff and students of Clearfield Job Corps.
“I love the Job Corps experience and am proud to have that experience in my life’s journey.”

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