Faces of Job Corps: Celeste B.G.
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Faces of Job Corps: Celeste B.G.

Student Success Story: Celeste B.G. Clearfield Job Corps.

Celeste B.G. came to Clearfield Job Corps in October of 2009 from Denver, Colorado.

After learning about the training opportunities available at Clearfield Job Corps, Celeste began researching computer repair in her spare time while waiting for her application to be approved.

Celeste fast tracked through her Career Preparation Period and joined the Computer repair trade ahead of her peers.

While in her trade training she actively sought intern positions with Clearfield Job Corps’ MIS Department and began participation in student government where she was elected as the Human Resources Alternate and eventually Student Body Director as well as Dorm leader for her dorm.

After participating in Ground Hog Job Shadow Day at both MTC headquarters and a local newspaper, Celeste took an internship with Management Training Corporation where she puts her new-found skills to good use, supporting their staff in their computer needs.

“Because of Job Corps, I am now living and not just existing. My future just keeps getting brighter each day and for that I thank everyone at Job Corps that has helped me,” says Celeste.

Celeste plans on fully completing Computer Repair training and ultimately would like to work for Management Training Corporation. She feels it would be one of the best ways to give back to the Job Corps program that has helped her in so many ways.

“Job Corps has shown me that there are people in the world that care about today’s youth and are doing good in the world,” says Celeste. “It has taught me that a career is not always about how much you get paid, but also about how you can give back to the community!”

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