Faces of Job Corps: Alan G.
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Faces of Job Corps: Alan G.

Faces of Job Corps: Alan G.

Alan came to America from Juba City, Sudan in East Africa at the age of 16. He lived with an uncle in Kansas where he struggled to learn English in his first year of high school.
Alan moved to Florida to live with his father before finishing high school in Kansas. He started the 11th grade in Florida but soon started working part time in order to send money home to his mother and sister in Sudan. Part time work eventually led him to a full time job, but it was at the cost of his high school education.
Alan tried to return to high school only to find out he was too old to be readmitted. He attempted at that point to earn his GED but could not pass the tests.
After failing to earn his GED in Florida, Alan moved to South Dakota where his cousin helped him get a job working on windmills. Alan applied to enter Job Corps in January 2009 and arrived at Clearfield Job Corps in May of 2009. While attending Job Corps Alan has obtained his high school diploma, fully completed career technical training in the Business Technology field, and plans on entering the automotive advanced training at Clearfield to further his education and solidify his bright future.
Alan has been an active ambassador for new students since his arrival, he is currently participating in Student Government.  Alan was a speaker during his graduation commencement ceremony in June 2010.
Alan G. is quick to thank a host of staff, students, friends, and family that have supported him and helped him to stay on track while attending Clearfield Job Corps.

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