Clearfield Youth2Youth; Partners 4 Peace
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Clearfield Youth2Youth; Partners 4 Peace

Clearfield Job Corps Center is committed
to the mission of being a safe
and secure environment for young
people to receive an education and
hands-on career training. This is why
the students of Clearfield Job Corps
have recently taken an active step in
opposing violence, aggression, and
bullying on their center. Job Corps
students from across the nation have
partnered with one another and have
created the “Youth 2 Youth: Partners 4
Peace” campaign, which focuses on
the issue of preventing youth violence
in the United States.
The Y2Y campaign, is the first violence-
prevention initiative 100% created
and led by Job Corps students nationwide.
The campaign’s mission is to
identify what students can do to prevent
violence on their campuses and
in their communities, learn how peers
have been affected by youth violence,
and empower one another to make a
difference. As a proud supporter of
the National Forum on Youth Violence
Prevention and My Brother’s Keeper,
it is expected that this student driven
initiative will generate many viable
solutions to the opposition of violence,
aggression, and bullying.

You can help the students of Clearfield
Job Corps in their efforts by encouraging
all students to become involved in this
movement and adding their voice to this
issue. Introduce students to the blog
where they can read firsthand how young
people are being affected by and are
working against violence every day. Job
Corps students across the nation are currently
giving a voice to this issue, let’s
make sure our students have the opportunity
to join in the conversation. If you
have any questions, please feel free to
contact Nick Ferre, Student Leadership
Coordinator or Jacque Snell, Student
Services Director.

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