Clearfield Students Hold Food & Coat Drive
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Clearfield Students Hold Food & Coat Drive

CJCC Canned Food Drive 2013Thanksgiving is a time of sharing, caring, and being thankful for what we have. Most people understand this, and some are truly appreciative for what they have. Whether one knows or acknowledges the reasons behind the holiday, almost everyone in America celebrates Thanksgiving with family, laughter, and a full belly.

But what of those in our cities that don’t have the means to celebrate? What of the people who can’t afford to go out and get turkeys and pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce? Do they not deserve to be just as blessed and enjoy good company and food on this special occasion as the rest of us?

While we celebrate our thanksgivings, do we just forget about these mothers and daughters, fathers and sons who are sitting at a modest table with humble meals, being thankful they have a meal to eat together, if they were even that lucky at all?

When some people hear the words, “Job Corps students”, they immediately think of bad kids with records. They think of ill-tempered and poor mannered young men and women who would be lucky to get a job when they came out of the program. We’re here to change that opinion.

This Thanksgiving, the Clearfield Job Corps student council rose awareness of the fact that there were going to be many families that wouldn’t enjoy a hot meal like they would. Students banded together in order to accumulate over 400 pounds of food over the course of seven days. From November 18th, until the 24th, students would collect from cars just past the front entrance at 7:00 am for forty minutes, just before they left to go to class.

Not only though did the students of Clearfield Job Corps come together in order to provide for those outside the campus gates, they also turned their kindness inward. At the same time, student council brought attention to the fact that many Job Corps students were also in need.

They might have come from places where keeping warm in the winter was not as big a concern as it can be here in Utah, or perhaps they just were not fortunate enough to do so. Students also pulled together to take care of their peers and the students within their own campus and donated five bins full of gently used or new  coats, bomber hats, mitts, beanies, sweaters, and ski masks.

I don’t know what you will be doing this Thanksgiving, but I know that I will be eating a nice hot meal, and staying warm bundled up in clothes meant to tackle harsh winters. Now, many other people will too, because of the generosity and kindness of students from Clearfield Job Corps.

– Dakota Fulcher
– Office Admin Student at Clearfield Job Corps

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